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Why Acharya is the best institute of allied health sciences in Bengaluru

Acharya Institutes with an annual count of 12,000+students and 100+ academic programmes certainly makes a mark among all the educational institutions in Bengaluru. When the question of top institutions in the world comes Acharya encompasses all those attributes and qualities required to answer the question. In terms of quality of education and the fruitful future prospects for the students, Acharya is the best place to study and grab the golden chance of scaling great heights.

Acharya Institute of Allied Health Sciences started and continue with the vision of bringing about the best and specialized in-depth knowledge to aspiring Heath Care professionals. The purpose behind these courses is to empower individuals with both professional and practical skills they need to follow in pursuit of their chosen career path. With a flexible model for education, these courses provide practical skills and qualifications that meet global standards.

Acharya Institute of Allied Health Sciences believes in the mission of:

  • Creating a culture of excellence
  • Ensure global standards in Allied health education
  • Create and foster a center of excellence for Allied-health professionals
  • Bridging the gap between theory and practical
  • Effective practical exposure and Dedicated teaching and non-teaching faculty.Campus:
    Spread across 120 acres of pristine land in Bengaluru India’s ‘technology hub’ and located only a few minutes’ drive from top notch multinational companies and Indian corporate, the Acharya campus is a magnificent sight to begin with. With its student-centric design and innovative blend of modern and traditional styles of architecture, the campus is a perfect setting for the students to let their ideas fly and get closer to realizing their dreams. Here the emphasis is on experiential and collaborative learning and our students learn the ways of the world directly from each other, with the campus being home to students from no less than 75 countries.The campus is one of the most beautiful places to be around and enjoy the nature and study the course in such gorgeous premises. It is away from the usual disturbances of traffic or crowd and it definitely does give a good feeling. The building is spacious as well as pleasant to provide the calmest and serene environment for the sake education.

    The Institute of Allied Health Sciences is headed by inspiring leaders in Dean and Principal ensuring effective administration and smooth functioning in the process of delivering top-quality education and care for the students in their comprehensive development. The faculty of Allied Health Sciences Institute are highly inspired and committed to do their best in the field of imparting education to the aspiringstudents. The experience and skill-sets which the teaching and non-teaching staff here possess provides the best direction in curriculum as well as extra-curricular activities.

Faculties are dedicated and put their best efforts forward to complete the syllabi in time and also conduct internal examinations for the assessment of academic progress of the students. Faculties also address the concerns of the students in relation to their academic and well-being. Students receive individual attention and guidance in leading them in their studies. The lectures and practical sessions are delivered with best foot forward preparation backed-up with the application of IEC technologies and tools.

Online learning:
The institute has delivered highly dedicated and effective education services unhindered in the trying circumstances of the recent times. The Acharya Live platform which is designed and regularly monitored by skilled IT professionals ensures unhindered learning and the best virtual learning experience when the situation demands. Whether it is Online or Offline the teaching-learning experience at Acharya is unmatched.Wi-Fi: For Uninterrupted learningThe entire Acharya campus, including the residences is enabled with usage controlled and monitored high-speed Wi-Fi Internet connection to help the students’ access invaluable academic resources in the web-space.

The classrooms are facilitated with comfortable seating and study-friendly atmosphere equipped with high-tech LED projectors and screens.

The campus has a full-pledged library with the best of text books and study material bynational and internationally acclaimed authors.The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) – the Central Library, at the heart of the Campus, provides an ideal environment for intellectual inquiry with its multiple Study Spaces, Research Assistance, and Reading, Learning and Instructional Resources.The LRC is housed on three floors accommodating various facilities, reading and learning resources, and seating arrangements for about 500 Users at any point-of-time. Wi-Fi, Internet access, Electrical plug-in facilities, etc., are provided in all Reading areas and Study Carrels.The digital library is the best one can ever use; it is delight for a student. The state of art and modern technology which are implemented makes studies at the library the best experience for a student.Laboratory & Practical’s:Institute has laboratory for practical training and demonstrations in the areas ofMicrobiology, Bio-chemistry, Pathology and Allied health courses.Students receive exposure to the practical lessons of their respective courses with the help of best of hospitals in the city.

Institute also believes in encouraging the students in participating in the cultural and sports-activities. Students can always showcase their talents and develop their personality overall for a successful present as well as for a bright future. The academic, residential, extra-curricular and landscaped zones of the campus areintegrated with one another in an innovative manner. And adding to the campus life are the sports facilities that include a 10,000+ seating stadium enabling track fieldevents,football, cricket, cultural events and mega music shows, along with an amphi theatre and other facilities for indoor games.The unparallel sport facilities with associated infrastructure and coaches have made Acharya one of the top institutions in the area of sports in and around Bengaluru. Thesporting culture of Acharya helps develop teamwork, leadership, focus and determinationwithin our students.All this and more await you here and we are delighted to welcome you to an exciting learning experience at Acharya – where the world comes to learn.

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