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Why Acharya & BM Reddy College of Pharmacy is the best college for Pharmacy?

The last two decades have seen a boom in the pharmaceutical sector, with India being called the ‘Pharmacy of the World.’ According to reports, the industry jumped from $40 billion in 2021 to an expected $130 billion in 2030, creating ample opportunities for skilled graduates to find employment and pursue a rewarding career.

Keeping these projections in mind, Acharya & BM Reddy College of Pharmacy has been equipping our students with the necessary skills required to make their mark in the sector.  We are involved in the training and research of drug discovery and development. We also foster growth in the Pharmacy field through various research publications and patents while training students to become experts in the subject. From state-of-the-art laboratories to eminent faculty, Acharya and BM Reddy College of Pharmacy has everything that makes us the top pharmacy college in Bangalore.

Faculties and researchers from departments such as pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical analysis interlink and integrate their research efforts and contribute to the scientific community.

The institute’s efforts towards the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences have been thoroughly supported by agencies such as SERB, ICMR, AICTE, DBT, MoES, RGUHS, VGST, etc. Our collaboration with external incubating agencies such as USP, IIHR, universities, and pharmaceutical companies facilitates the exchange of knowledge and skills.

In addition to the above, here are some other factors that make Acharya & BM Reddy College of Pharmacy the best college for pharmacy in Karnataka.


Acharya & BM Reddy College of Pharmacy offers a comprehensive range of courses from diploma to doctoral levels, including D-Pharm, B-Pharm, Pharm-D, PB-Pharm D, M Pharm in various specializations, and PhD programs in pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical analysis. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to research excellence. With dedicated departments focusing on pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, quality assurance, pharmaceutical analysis, drug regulatory affairs, and pharmacy practice, students are not only equipped with theoretical knowledge but are also actively involved in cutting-edge research initiatives. We ensure that the highest standards of education and research are maintained.

At the end of the program, students emerge as capable and innovative pharmaceutical professionals equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle the challenges of the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. They possess a deep understanding of drug development, regulation, and quality assurance, coupled with practical experience gained through hands-on research and industry collaborations. Armed with critical thinking abilities and a commitment to ethical pharmaceutical practices, graduates from Acharya & BM Reddy College of Pharmacy are poised to make significant contributions to the field, whether in academia, industry, or healthcare settings, thereby solidifying the institution’s reputation as a beacon of excellence in pharmaceutical education and research in India.

Our dedication to achieve excellence in education has resulted in Acharya & BM Reddy College of Pharmacy being accredited with NAAC A+ and NBA. We have solidified our position as one of the top pharmacy colleges in Bangalore, as evidenced by our impressive NIRF Ranking of 57 in the year 2022.

Another feather on the cap of Acharya & BM Reddy College of Pharmacy is the support we have received from funding agencies such as SERB, ICMR, AICTE, DBT, MoES, RGUHS, and VGST. The institute also has collaborations with external incubating agencies such as USP, IIHR, universities, and pharmaceutical companies.


The connection between academia and industry is crucial for students to get placed, and the dedicated Training and Placement Cell at Acharya serves as a dynamic bridge connecting these two. With over 550 companies visiting our campus annually, students have ample opportunities to connect with a diverse array of employers. This enhances their prospects for internships and placements. An impressive number of our graduates secure placements, reflecting the effectiveness of our education and career support programs. Some of our top recruiters include Lupin, Iqvia, Biocon, Himalaya and Mylan.


The laboratories at Acharya & BM Reddy College of Pharmacy represent state-of-the-art facilities tailored to promote cutting-edge research. The labs are equipped with the latest instrumentation and technology, and they provide students with hands-on experience in various aspects of pharmaceutical sciences.

These labs are led by experienced faculty members and supported by skilled technical staff. Here, students have the opportunity to conduct research projects, participate in practical demonstrations, and engage in collaborative endeavors with industry partners. This provides them with the skills to take on real-world challenges in the pharmaceutical industry and also help them understand the trends in the industry.


At Acharya, inclusive education is our top priority. We understand the importance of equipping students with essential tools for success in today’s competitive job market, and laptops are integral to this mission. By seamlessly integrating laptops into the daily life of students, we ensure that they are fully prepared for the challenges they’ll face beyond the classroom.

Research shows that 94% of college students consider their laptops essential to their academic success. In today’s digital age, proficiency with technology is crucial. Using laptops for academic purposes helps students develop important digital literacy skills that are invaluable in the workforce.

Students can use these laptops to

Access a vast array of digital resources

  • Access a vast array of digital resources
  • Study and complete assignments anytime and anywhere
  • Conduct research efficiently
  • Access course materials and resources online
  • Search for concepts online
  • Take digital notes to index and organize their study material
  • Facilitate group work and collaboration

Arts & Sports

Along with academic excellence, we place equal importance to the mental and physical  well-being of our students. Benefits of participating in sports are innumerable, and at Acharya, we aim to promote a healthy mind in a healthy body. Playing a sport helps to de-stress and improve your mood and studies have shown that sports help a lot to boost self esteem.

Acharya has outstanding sports facilities, promoting a dynamic sporting culture that nurtures teamwork, leadership, tolerance, and determination. Annual events like the Acharya Premier League, Football League, Pro Kabaddi League, and Volleyball Tournament highlight student passion and skills, fostering a lively atmosphere on campus for healthy competition. Our 10,000-seater stadium, enhanced with state-of-the-art floodlights for optimal illumination, adds a touch of grandeur to sporting events hosted within its premises.

Our students have the chance to participate in a wide range of sports and receive consistent training from seasoned coaches. Engaging in regular training sessions and actively participating in competitions have led to the college receiving numerous accolades through their achievements. Many of our champions at the university level are dedicated to continuously challenging and surpassing records.

  • Acharya’s Sporting Infrastructure
  • Multipurpose 10,000 seater Stadium
  • Basketball Courts
  • Kho-Kho Court
  • Indoor Sporting Facility
  • Gymnasium
  • Tennis Court
  • Multipurpose lawn
  • Volleyball Court
  • Swimming Pool

Habba, our annual techno-cultural fest, encourages students to unleash their creativity. It is a three-day event that brings together some of the best artistic minds of the country, and students get to unwind and relax with some music, dance and other cultural activities.

At Acharya Institutes, we have a comprehensive campus wellness program dedicated to the wellbeing of our students as well as staff members. We understand the stress today’s kids are under and we are committed to providing support and resources to promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Our campus wellness program includes access to counseling services, mental health resources, and peer support networks to help individuals cope with stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

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