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Join The Best Design College in Bangalore: Acharya School of Design

When you buy a pack of chips from the supermarket, do you ever take a moment to analyze the design of the packaging? Or, when you go to a bookstore are you someone who gets fascinated by the design of book covers? If you are someone with these interests, then a career in design might be the right fit for you. And we at Acharya School of Design have the best design program to suit your caliber – a BVA in Product Design.

The BVA in product design is an undergraduate degree course that teaches theory and fundamental concepts of design. The program focuses on building a strong foundation in design principles, including aesthetics, form, function, and user-centered design. It places emphasis on the design thinking process, which involves problem identification, ideation, prototyping, testing, and iteration. Students are also encouraged to develop hand sketching and digital sketching skills to quickly communicate design concepts and ideas.

In addition to the above, Acharya School of Design also provides programs in Animation & Game Art, Graphic & Communication Design and Interior & Spatial Design.

Animation & Game Art – Bachelor of Visual Arts is a four-year degree program that covers topics such as animation principles, character design, animation VFX, animation films, game design, digital animation, graphic design, animation and multimedia design, etc. Acharya’s BVA in Animation and Game Art will teach you storytelling through the game and how to apply animation techniques to create and animate characters, textures, props, environments, and collision objects using 2D and 3D platforms.

Graphic & Communication Design – The Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic and Communication program lays the foundation for all design aspects. The communication design course includes a special emphasis on user experience. Students receive hands-on training in design software and exposure to real-world designer projects.

Interior & Spatial Design – The core objective of the program is to understand that humans are always associated with space and have an increasingly deeper association with the space they live, work, or visit. In the process of living together, spaces will develop their own identities that are connected to the aesthetic appreciation, taste, and style of human beings. Acharya’s BVA in Interior & Spatial Design will help students develop sensibilities to identify human beings’ relationships with their spaces.

So, what makes Acharya School of Design the best college for design courses in Karnataka?


Acharya has crafted a name for itself in the educational sector for providing cutting-edge programs designed to meet global design standards. Our renowned faculty members have extensive industry experience fostering creativity in the studio. They are in tune with the latest industry trends and help students bridge the gap between academia and industry. Acharya School of Design follows NEP-complaint design curriculum and prepares them in a career of highly sought-after design roles.


Acharya School of Design promotes studio-centric learning where students get an opportunity to immerse themselves in projects that foster creativity and problem solving.  Real-world design projects are embedded in the curriculum and students get ample Internship opportunities to gain practical insights. Acharya’s academic studio is a unique resource for students enrolled in the Design School, as it offers them a platform to apply both theoretical and practical knowledge in a conducive environment.

Highlights of the academic studio:

·      The academic studio serves as a space for students to engage in the design process. It is designed to foster creativity and innovation.

·       The presence of ample natural light contributes to a positive and energizing atmosphere within the studio.

·       The studio is equipped with the latest tools and technologies relevant to architecture and design

·       The academic studio also houses a curated collection of books, journals, and resources related to architecture and design

Another aspect that sets apart Acharya School of Design from the competition is our state-of-the-art design lab that is equipped with the latest tools and software to help students hone their skills. Constant updates are implemented to ensure students are at the forefront of technological advancements.


Students of Acharya School of Design,  the best product design college in Bangalore, also greatly benefit from the college’s association with Design Boat and Medhini as they get comprehensive training in Autodesk Software and UI/UX Design. These programs are meticulously designed to enlist industry leaders as instructors, ensuring students thrive under their guidance. This ensures that students not only gain theoretical knowledge but also practical insights, preparing them effectively for their careers.


Students also get access to Coursera’s extensive range of programs, enabling students to enhance their skills and capabilities. Acharya’s recent collaboration with LinkedIn Learning has opened up more avenues for students to hone their skills.

LinkedIn Learning is a global leader in online skills development and the collaboration provides our students with access to high-quality, industry-relevant courses, empowering them to excel in their academic and professional journeys.

LinkedIn Learning offers a vast library of over 16,000 expert-led courses covering a wide range of topics from business, technology, and creative skills to personal development. By integrating these resources into our curriculum, we ensure that our students stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving job market. Students will also receive guidance and support to make the most of LinkedIn Learning’s offerings.


Acharya has a proven track record with 550+ corporates visiting annually. Students are given comprehensive placement training to prepare them for the professional world. For this, Acharya has a dedicated placement and training cell and the training programs are meticulously designed to bridge the gap between academia and industry requirements. The training programs are conducted by seasoned professionals and experts and they focus on enhancing technical proficiency, soft skills, and industry-specific knowledge. Students get to take part in workshops, seminars, internships, and hands-on experiences.

From resume building to interview preparation, networking events, and job fairs, Acharya’s training and placement cell provide end-to-end support to ensure students embark on fulfilling career journeys.


At Acharya, we believe in the overall development of our students, and they are encouraged to take part in a wide variety of activities that are essential for their professional and personal development. For instance, students take part in Art & Film Appreciation, which helps them to develop a deep understanding of visual storytelling and cinematic techniques.  Theatre & Performing Arts also play a vital role in nurturing expressive abilities and collaborative spirit among students.

Students also take part in Field Study & Activities that help them gain real-world exposure, bridging classroom learning with industry practices.

Competitions challenge students to showcase their creativity and compete at national and international levels, and Societal Sensitization is integrated throughout the curriculum, emphasizing ethical considerations and social impact in design practices.


Acharya is spread across 120-acres and the academic blocks are nestled in the midst of lush greenery, providing a serene environment apt for fostering creativity and innovation. Acharya’s sporting grounds cater to a variety of athletic pursuits, encouraging physical fitness and recreational activities amidst the natural beauty of the campus. The campus also houses multiple hostels, laboratories, well-stocked libraries and cafeterias to cater to the needs of its diverse student community who have made Achayra their home away from home.

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