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What is BBA – Digital Marketing?

A Bachelor of Business Administration in Digital Marketing is a three-year degree programme with a focus on digital marketing. A thorough knowledge and skill set in both business administration and digital marketing techniques are taught in this undergraduate programme.

The programme integrates fundamental business courses in management, marketing, finance, and accounting with electives in digital marketing. Students gain knowledge of the numerous platforms, tools, and methods utilised in digital marketing to advertise goods and services in the digital marketplace.

BBA Digital Marketing programme provides students with hands-on experience using digital marketing principles and methodologies along with Internships, projects, or real-world case studies. Graduates of the programme will be prepared to contribute to the overall business approach in the digital era by having the knowledge and abilities needed to design, carry out, and analyse digital marketing initiatives.

A BBA in Digital Marketing can lead to employment prospects in a number of industries, including advertising agencies, marketing firms, e-commerce businesses, technology firms, and businesses with substantial online presence. The area of digital marketing is fast changing. Graduates may find employment as a digital marketing consultant, social media manager, SEO analyst, content marketer, or digital strategist.

What are BBA Digital Marketing Subjects?

Digital Marketing specialisation in BBA provides the basic foundation in business management education, and trains its students in the following subjects of Digital Marketing:

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing: The fundamentals of Digital Marketing subjects such as the meaning and importance of Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing platforms, and Changing trends in the Digital Marketing era, are covered in the programme. It also teaches the different channels of digital marketing and the evaluation of each channel.
  2. Introduction to Business Management & Administration: This course gives a broader introduction to business concepts, including management, finance, accounting, organisational behaviour, and business ethics, among other subjects.
  3. Principles of Marketing: Subjects like market research, customer behaviour, segmentation, targeting, positioning, product creation, price, distribution, and promotion are among the topics and theories taught in this course to lay the foundation for learning marketing principles.
  4. Digital Advertising: This course examines many types of digital advertising, including display ads, programmatic advertising, remarketing, search engine marketing (SEM), and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Ad targeting, bidding tactics, ad composition, and campaign optimization are also covered in the course.
  5. E-commerce: E-commerce, online business principles and procedures are part of the BBA Digital Marketing course. It addresses subjects like customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce analytics, online payment methods, website design and development,  security and privacy concerns, and customer relationship management.
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The BBA Digital Marketing course covers search engine optimisation (SEO). Search Engine Optimization aims to increase website exposure and organic search rankings on search engines like Google. The programme teaches the meaning of SEO, trends in SEO, different kinds of traffic, Competitor Analytics, linking strategies, etc.  It includes SEO analytics, on-page optimisation, and off-page optimisation.
  7. Social Media Marketing (SMM): BBA Digital Marketing programme teaches the meaning, and importance of social media content creation, and digital communities, along with the study of mobile ads, YouTube Advertising, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, etc. The study of the evolution of online communities, “Viralness” in social media and how it is measured, how ideas travel, Reputation and crisis management, Tools and Dashboards, and the ROI in Social Media Marketing, are also parts of the Digital Marketing course.
  8. Web Analytics: This course teaches students how to evaluate and maximise the benefits of digital marketing by analysing and interpreting website data. Students learn how to measure website traffic, user behaviour, conversion rates, and other important data using tools like Google Analytics.
  9. Email Marketing: This course emphasises the use of email as a marketing channel. Students gain knowledge of segmentation, personalisation, email automation, email campaigning, best practices in email marketing, and assessing email marketing results.
  10. Content Marketing: With more and more people consuming online content for information or entertainment, more traffic and attention is generated through online content. Content Marketing utilises this traffic to convert them into consumers. In order to draw in and keep a target audience, this course will educate the learners on how to produce and deliver good, suitable, and consistent material. It addresses content strategy, storytelling, producing content, disseminating content, and measuring content.

Along with these, the course also aims to provide practical exposure through simulating products and digital marketing, learning through case studies and comparative studies.

Career Scope of BBA in Digital Marketing

A BBA in Digital Marketing can lead to a variety of job opportunities in digital marketing endeavours of various sectors. Following are a few possible job roles for graduates-

Digital Marketing Specialist/Manager: Graduates can find jobs as managers or experts in the field of digital marketing in businesses of all sizes and a variety of sectors. They are in charge of creating and putting into practice digital marketing plans, administering online promotions, improving the functionality of websites, and examining digital marketing KPIs.

Social Media Manager: Graduates can work as social media managers if they have skills in social media marketing. They are in charge of maintaining social media platforms, coming up with interesting material, communicating with fans, managing social media marketing campaigns, and keeping track of social media statistics.

SEO Specialist: The duties of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist include keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO implementation, website performance analytics monitoring, and website optimisation to raise websites’ search engine ranks.

Content Strategist: Graduates who want to create interesting and useful content to draw in and engage target audiences might work as content marketers or strategists. They might be involved in the development of content strategies, the promotion of content, and the analysis of content performance.

Digital Advertising Specialist: One can manage online advertising campaigns across numerous platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and display networks, as a digital advertising professional. Digital Advertising Specialists design advertising campaigns, track ad effectiveness, improve ad performance, and examine advertising analytics.

Web Analytics Manager: Graduates with this degree can work as web analytics managers who analyse website data with Google Analytics and other technologies to get insights and maximise digital marketing initiatives. They monitor the effectiveness of websites, user behaviour, and conversion rates, and offer recommendations based on data.

E-commerce Specialist: After BBA Digital Marketing, one can work as an e-commerce professional who engages in managing online stores, enhancing user experience, putting e-commerce marketing plans into practice, analysing sales data, and boosting online conversions using their understanding of e-commerce concepts.

Entrepreneurship: BBA in Digital Marketing graduates may establish their own digital marketing consultancies or agency to provide clients with digital marketing services.

Digital Marketing Consultant: Graduates with a solid grasp of digital marketing strategies and tactics can work as consultants, offering businesses expert advice and direction on their digital marketing initiatives, assisting them in developing successful strategies, and helping them achieve their marketing objectives.

Salary of BBA Digital Marketing graduates: With improved skill sets, training, and experience, the salary of BBA Digital Marketing graduates can range from ₹ 5 LPA to ₹ 10 LPA. The salary also depends on the organisation, job location, number of working years, and the sector one is working in.

It is important to consider that the world of digital marketing is dynamic and is always changing. Regularly emerging technologies, platforms, and tactics help professionals specialise in changing trends. The possibilities for a career in this profession will be improved by regular study, remaining current with industry trends, and developing digital marketing skill sets. Acharya’s BBA in Digital Marketing promises a great opportunity to break into the digital marketing industry for exciting new careers.

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