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What is Bachelor Of Business Administration/ BBA? What are its Subjects, Career Scope and Salary?

What is BBA?

Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is an undergraduate degree programme that concentrates on the concepts and methods of business and management. It is a three-year broad programme that gives students a thorough grasp of many different business-related topics, including accounting, advertising, human resources, operations, entrepreneurship, and organisational behaviour. It is intended to educate students for a variety of occupations in business and management by providing them with the information and abilities needed to excel in the business world.

The fundamentals of business, including accounting, economics, business law, business ethics, statistics, and strategic management, are covered in a BBA programme. They can also choose optional courses in fields like finance, marketing, international business, supply chain management, information systems, or entrepreneurship to focus on particular areas of interest.

Internships, case studies, group projects, and presentations are just a few examples of the practical learning opportunities that BBA programmes frequently include to expose students to real-world business situations. Students can improve their leadership, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities via these activities.

Graduates from BBA programmes have a variety of career options in the business world when they complete their studies. They could choose to work as business analysts, project managers, sales executives, or operations managers, or they might seek careers in management, marketing, finance, human resources, consulting, or entrepreneurship. Additionally, some graduates could decide to continue their education by enrolling in specialised business programmes or earning an MBA.

BBA Course Subjects

A BBA degree involves a broad range of subjects to cover or specialise in. BBA course subjects include financial management, accounting, principles of management, corporate administration, production and operation management, marketing, organisational behaviour, corporate communication, human resource management, business data analytics, portfolio management, industrial relation, income tax, entrepreneurship development, business research methods, performance management, employee legislation and management, consumer behaviour, international business. Along with these, skills like communication skills, personality development, language skills, business ethics & laws are taught to emerge as a well-rounded graduate.

Bachelor of Business Administration programmes can also be done with specific areas of expertise. Acharya Institutes offers BBA in Business Analytics, BBA in Digital Marketing, and BBA in Aviation. These courses are particularly designed to provide industry-specific training to students. 

Courses in BBA

At Acharya Institutes, BBA can be done with a focused specialisation in Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, or one can opt for BBA Aviation. Each programme provides theoretical and practical knowledge that lays the foundation for a successful career.

BBA Digital Marketing

The growing importance of digital channels in marketing, the high demand for digital marketing professionals, the requirement for improved marketing abilities in the digital domain, the capacity to effectively reach targeted audiences, the affordability and quantifiable results of digital marketing, and the requirement to adapt to the changing digital landscape are all reasons that make a BBA in Digital Marketing a significant choice for a degree programme.

BBA Business Analytics

The importance of a BBA in Business Analytics can be attributed to the growing emphasis on ethical data usage, the growing demand for professionals with analytical skills, the competitive advantage it gives organisations, the potential for increased efficiency and cost savings, the capacity to deliver personalised marketing and enhance customer insights, the support it offers in strategic planning and forecasting, and the competitive advantage it offers. Thus a BBA in Business Analytics is a viable option for students interested in breaking into a promising career in Business Analytics.

BBA Aviation

BBA Aviation refers to a Bachelor of Business Administration programme with a focus on aviation. This programme provides individuals interested in pursuing careers in the aviation industry an opportunity to gain specialised knowledge, industry networking opportunities, management skills, practical experiences, and a global perspective that prepares graduates for various roles within the aviation industry.

Career Scope of BBA

The business world offers a broad variety of job prospects for those with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. For BBA graduates, the following career pathways are available:

Management: Entry-level roles in management are common for BBA graduates to begin their careers as they get experience in handling teams, projects, and business operations. They can progress to more senior managerial positions like department managers, general managers, or executives with time and experience.

Human Resources: BBA graduates who are interested in managing and growing human resources within organisations might go into the HR area for a career. They may work in organisational development, talent management, pay and benefits, employee training and development, or recruiting.

Marketing and sales: BBA graduates can work in fields like market research, advertising, brand management, digital marketing, sales analysis, or business development in marketing and sales departments. They could be employed by businesses in the retail, advertising, consumer products, or service sectors.

Consulting: BBA graduates with good analytical and problem-solving abilities might find employment in consulting organisations where they offer strategic, operational, and management assistance to corporations. They could work on initiatives including process optimisation, organisational restructuring, market research, or increased productivity.

Finance and Banking: BBA graduates with a knack and interest in finance may find employment prospects in banks, investment companies, financial institutions, or corporate finance divisions. They may take up positions as loan officers, risk analysts, financial analysts, investment analysts, or financial planners.

Supply Chain Management: BBA graduates that work in supply chain and logistics management plan, coordinate, and optimise the movement of products and services. They may be employed by logistical service providers, manufacturers, or retailers.

Entrepreneurship: BBA graduates with a drive for entrepreneurship can opt to launch their own companies or work for startups. They can start their own businesses and focus on creating cutting-edge goods or services thanks to their business acumen and expertise acquired throughout their education.

Nonprofit Organisations: BBA graduates who are interested in working for NGOs or social enterprises might apply their business expertise in areas including nonprofit management, fundraising, grant writing, programme management, or community development.

BBA Salary in India

Based on a number of elements like the sector, job title, firm size, location, and individual abilities and experience, earnings for BBA graduates in India might vary. The BBA salaries for freshers range from 3LPA to 6LPA and increase with experience.

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