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BSc Allied Health Science: Course, Syllabus, Exam, and Scope

BSc Allied Health Science: Course, Syllabus, Exam, and Scope
Are you planning a career in the health sciences? Well, the good news is there are plenty of career options in this field! The field of health sciences comprises of a wide range of specializations and occupations to choose from. If you are here to know more about the health science courses and how to pursue a career in this field, then you are in the right place. Bachelor of Allied Health Science is a three-year undergraduateprogram that forms a separate stream of health professionals contributing to healthcare. Professionals of Allied Health Science course form an integral part of the medical group contributing their mastery to the preventive, curative and rehabilitative care of the patients.

Allied Health Science has a fundamental role in creating modern health conditions. The three-year under-graduate healthcare course gives the highest-quality learning conditions for students With the advance of technology and research, medical science has branched out to various specialties each demanding time and dedication to master. Allied health professionals, together
with support and skilled technical staff, work in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of diseases. They apply their expertise in respective fields to restore and maintain optimal physical, sensory, psychological, cognitive, and social functions of patients. Their role is crucial in specialized treatment that requires technology in diagnosis and dedicated attention in treatment.

About the Courses
The course is beneficial to develop an in-depth knowledge of the health sciences and the theory base required for future studies careers in a range of health disciplines.It prepares graduates with the additional knowledge, skills, and values to advance in the allied health profession; meet societal and healthcare delivery demands; and work in a variety of settings with diverse patients, families, and communities. Graduates are prepared to assume supervisory, management, and/or educational positions. In addition, successful completion of this program allows students to pursue graduate education inthe healthcare field. The course providesa broad-based foundation in global and national healthcare issues and trends, ethical and legal issues, health promotion and disease prevention, evidence-based practice, allied healthcare research, healthcare systems management, and healthcare based informatics.

B.Sc. Allied Health Science Course Syllabus
Following are the core topics in the syllabus of the three-year under-graduate program-Prescribed by RGUHS

1 Anatomy
2 Physiology
3 Biochemistry
4 Pathology
5 Microbiology
6 English
7 Kannada
8 Healthcare
9 Sociology
10 Constitution of India
11 Environmental science and Health
12 Pharmacology
13 Ethics, Database Management
14 Research & Biostatistics
15 Computer application

Main and Subsidiary subjects are common in first year for all the courses in Allied Health Science. II and III Year subjects will be relevant to individual courses.

List of BSc Allied Health Science Courses

Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology [B.Sc. (M.L.T)]

There shall be three examinations one each at the end of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year.
Internal Assessment:
1st Year B.Sc. Allied Health Sciences Theory – 20 marks Practical’s – 10 marks*. [Lab work- 06 marks and Record-04 marks] 2nd & 3rd year B.Sc. Allied Health Sciences Theory – 20 Marks Practical’s – 20 Marks There shall be a minimum of two periodical tests preferably one in each term in theory and Practical of each subject in an academic year. The average marks of the two tests will be Calculated and reduced to 20. There shall be no University Practical Examination in First year (Except BSc Optometry)

Course in Scope – B.Sc. in Allied Health Science
In this era, Allied Health Science has a massive scope to contribute in the society such as, Learning about the concepts and skills involved within the healthcare services and its delivery, professional characteristics of the interdisciplinary health care management. Gaining the knowledge of practical experiences and skills by residency or clinical visits to
various health care offices, agencies and organizations To apply strategic dynamic tools using problem-solving skills and critical thinking In analyzing and assessing various research publications, issues, reports, and cases highlighting the recent topics in the healthcare industry Students of the B.Sc. Allied Health Science course graduate with an important set of skills that includes

    • Knowledge of Biomedical Sciences, Biological,
    • Social and Economic factors contributing to health results, and research skills
    • The factors related to Biomedical Science, population health and public health policy

The course curriculum has an innovative and integrated way of educating the students. They learn through a broad scope of teaching strategies and methodologies. Likewise, this is beneficial to create a deep knowledge in health sciences and theory necessary for future examinations or careers in a scope of health disciplines. Graduates are prepared to administer Educational,
Management and Supervisory job rolesn On finishing the B.Sc. Allied Health Science program successfully, Graduates of the course are equipped with additional knowledge, skills, and values to progress in the allied health profession. This helps to join cultural and healthcare demands and work in an assortment of settings with diverse families, communities and patients. They also have the scope of pursuing Post-Graduate programs in healthcare management or Health Information Administration. Allied Health Science professionals are involved with the healthcare or related services pertaining to the

      • Identification, evaluation, anticipation of disorders and diseases
      • Dietary and nourishment programs
      • Rehabilitation and Health systems managementGraduates are exposed to wide opportunities in several hospitals including academic programs of Teaching hospitals Health insurance companies Medical research organizations Medical Transcription Organizations.

      Career Scope of the B.Sc. in Allied Health Science Course
      Careers in Public Health give professionals the opportunity to work with innovative methodologies for present and emerging health challenges on regional, national and global levels. As you now know that, there are a number of health science courses available at a number of colleges. As there is a growing demand for allied health professional’s world over, there are a
      number of career opportunities available for health science professionals. India has a competitive number of well-trained medical professionals globally. Moreover, India’s
      Healthcare sector has become one of the largest sectors in terms of employment. The demand for healthcare professionals in the coming future is expected to witness an upward trend, which indicates that a career in health science is going to be in demand in the up and coming years as well. Depending upon what subject area or specialization, you chose in your graduation or post- graduation, your health sciences degree can prepare you for work in the various fields A graduate of the B.Sc. Allied Health Science program will be highly gifted to approach initiative,administrative and management designations in different organizations such as

      • Public Health Agencies
      • Private Health and Wellness Clubs
      • Insurance Sector
      • Hospitals (Public and Private)
      • Clinics
      • Non-government and Government Agencies
      • Rehabilitation Centers

    Some of the job profiles and various designations for B.Sc. Allied Health Science qualified candidates are,

    • Clinical Research Associates
    • Medical Writers
    • Clinical Data Coordinators
    • Drug Development Associate
    • Business Development Manager
    • Clinical Project Manager
    • Clinical Research Manager
    • Regulatory Affairs Manager
    • Clinical Research Manager
    • Analytical chemist
    • Biostatisticians.

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