What is B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering – Course, Eligibility, Scope.

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What is B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering – If you’re interested in the design, development, installation, operation, or maintenance of just about anything that has moveable parts then mechanical engineering could be the programme of study for you.

What is B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Course, Eligibility, Subjects, Scope?

Counting among the best mechanical engineering colleges in India, Mechanical Engineering is perhaps the most diverse and versatile of the engineering disciplines offered at Acharya. In addition to physics and mathematics, it encompasses key elements of aerospace, electrical, civil, chemical, and even materials science and bio-engineering. Mechanical engineering touches virtually every aspect of modern life, from mobile phones and biomedical devices to aircraft and power plants. Mechanical Engineering Colleges in Bangalore offer world-class learning. Not only engineering, but mechanical engineers also deal with economic issues, from the cost of a single component to the economic impact of a manufacturing plant. Besides this, mechanical engineers can also be found in sales, engineering management, and corporate management. Versatility is another unique advantage in a world that is undergoing constant economic, political, industrial, and social change. Mechanical engineers are educated and positioned, not only to adapt but to define and direct change.

Mechanical Engineering Course:

The Mechanical Engineering Syllabus follows the curriculum given by Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi. The duration of the course is four years (eight semesters), among which the first year is common for all the streams of Engineering. From the second year, the students study the core subjects from their stream.   

Eligibility for Mechanical Engineering: 

  • Candidates seeking admission to the first year of the four-year B.Tech. degree in Mechanical Engineering Programme need to complete their 10+2 (Physics, Mathematics and any one of Chemistry / Biology / Computer Science as optional subjects) with a minimum of 45% marks, from a recognized board.
  • Candidates seeking admission to second year of the four-year B.Tech. degree must have passed the three-year Diploma course conducted by the Board of Technical Examination of Karnataka Government in the respective Branches/Courses or any other examination recognized as equivalent by the Visvesvaraya Technological University.

Subjects in Mechanical Engineering:

In Mechanical Engineering Courses, students will study engineering topics such as machine design, thermal sciences, manufacturing sciences, and management-related subjects. In addition to these core subjects, students are going to study the interdisciplinary subjects as professional electives and open electives to bridge the gap between the different streams of engineering. 

What do you learn in Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical Engineering course has a lot to offer, at Acharya our students build upon their knowledge of science and maths gained in school to learn about materials, solid and fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, control, product design, and manufacturing processes. Courses on communication, business, and other social sciences along with the technical subjects are designed to groom students with well-rounded perspectives, as well as the ability and flexibility to work in a variety of settings. Practical learning is integrated into the curriculum through projects and by providing an opportunity for an internship with the industry to solve engineering and scientific problems.

Scope in Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical Engineers College in Bangalore, and mechanical Engineering courses making a difference in the world of technology. That’s because mechanical engineering careers center on creating technologies to meet human needs. Virtually every product or service in modern life has probably been touched in some way by a mechanical engineer to help humankind. This includes solving today’s problems and creating future solutions in health care, energy, transportation, world hunger, space exploration, climate change, and more. 

Affiliated: Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi, Karnataka, India

Approved:  All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, Government of India.

Accreditation: National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

How is Acharya the best Mechanical Engineering College in Bangalore?

The department is committed to excellence in teaching, learning, research, and developing professionals in mechanical engineering disciplines who make a difference globally. The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 2002-03. The mechanical engineering course at Acharya is well recognized, The institute offers a full-time UG programme affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi, and approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The UG programme is provisionally accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), New Delhi, and Permanently Affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi. The department offers UG degree in Mechanical Engineering with the intake of 60, PG degree in Machine Design with the intake of 18 students. The Department is also recognized as a Research Center by Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi, and offering Ph.D. and M.Sc. (by Research) degrees. 

Acharya Institutes offers M.Sc by research and Ph.D. courses for working employees in institutions and industry through the R & D center recognized by Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi, Karnataka. The department has state-of-the-art infrastructure to carry out the research work., to mention a few Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA), Optical microscope, 3D printer, CNC milling machine, and Hydraulic press etc. The department has received grants of Rs.11.5 Lakhs in the year 2009-10 and Rs. 12.5 Lakhs from AICTE (MODROB) towards the modernization of laboratories to carry out research work. The faculty has published papers in reputed peer-reviewed international journals and presented papers in national and international conferences, making us count among the top mechanical engineering college in Bangalore and opening the doors to careers in mechanical Engineering

The objective of NSS is to give an extension to the higher education system and orient the student youth to community service while they are studying in the educational institutions. While undertaking these activities, each NSS unit should envisage its activities aimed at instilling discipline, building character, promotion of physical fitness, and development of culture. The department has a separate wing to extend community services such as National Service Scheme (NSS), Equality cell, women cell, etc.

Campus placements provide the students with a foot-in-the-door opportunity, which enables them to start their career right after their Graduation. Furthermore, they get an opportunity to engage and interact with the Industry Professionals/Experts across the placement drives, which further help students to lay a foundation for their professional career in the future as they familiarise themselves with their knowledge and potential contacts from their chosen career field. Department of Mechanical Engineering has many such examples where students are placed at topmost Interdisciplinary companies like SANDVIK, Byju’s, Mahindra Aerospace, Voltas, Amazon, Essilor, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, and more.

The department addresses all the needs of students to become dynamic entrepreneurs by conducting various awareness programmes like Seminars, Workshops, Industrial Visits, webinars and Interaction with young Entrepreneurs, etc. These programmes are aimed at making the student community more enthusiastic about the entrepreneurial activity.

Collaborations and Consultancies

  • The Department has MOU with foreign universities such as Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, USA, Carleton University, Canada and so on.
  • The department has collaboration with the following industries.
    • Mahindra and Mahindra Pvt. Ltd.
    • NDRF
    • Peenya Industrial Association
    • Dynamitic Technologies Ltd.
    • Kennametal India Pvt. Ltd.
    • Karnataka Association of Small-Scale Industries Association
    • IMTMA

Why Acharya Institutes:

  • Acharya is among top 10 engineering colleges in Karnataka.
  • Placements assistance are better in this college. 
  • Infrastructure: Acharya has the best infrastructure in Bangalore. It is best known for sports, and it’s cultural activities. 
  • Technology enabled library in India.
  • Most divers private campus in India.
  • Largest composite college campus in Bengaluru.
  • Received green campus award.

Dr. Attel Manjunath

Assistant Professor Gr-I & HOD

Department of Mechanical Engineering

AIT, Bengaluru-560107

What is B.Tech/B.E. in Aeronautical Engineering?

In a B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology ) or a  B.E.( Bachelor of Engineering) in Aeronautical Engineering programme,  an undergraduate learns design, development, testing, and production of an aircraft or related systems.

An engineering graduate needs to apply mathematics, theory, knowledge, and problem-solving skills to transform flight-related concepts into functioning aeronautical designs that are then built and operated. Acharya is one of the best Aeronautical engineering colleges in Bangalore. With an eye on the sky, these engineers also remain at the forefront of some of the field’s most exciting innovations – from autonomous airship-fixing robots, to high-flying hoverboards and solar-powered Internet drones. Some of the courses an engineering graduate gets to learn are Aerodynamics, aircraft propulsion, aircraft structures, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, flight mechanics, computational fluid dynamics, gas turbine technology, material science, avionics, aircraft stability, and control.

Difference between AERONAUTICAL and AEROSPACE Engineering

What is B.Tech/B.E. in Aeronautical Engineering?

What is B.Tech/B.E. in Aeronautical Engineering?

Though both the engineering fields such as aeronautical engineering and aerospace engineering apply the same principles, a critical distinction exists between them while designing the vehicles for air and space.

The field of aeronautics and aeronautical engineering deals with the design of aircraft, airplanes, missiles, helicopters – or any similar vehicles that are designed to operate within the confines of the earth’s atmosphere.  Aerospace Engineering at Acharya is a broader discipline that considers operation both in air and space and covers both aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. Being among the top Engineering college in Bangalore, we are committed to serving with the best learning and co-curricular exposure.   So, an aerospace engineer needs to understand flight conditions both in the presence of an atmosphere and without one when seeking to design vehicles bound for use in space.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Aeronautical Engineering is a promising field and is regarded as one of the leading courses when it comes to Engineering. The basic requirement for Aeronautical Engineering is a strong command over Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. 

  • Any student who has passed class 12th (10 + 2) / Intermediate exams with aggregate of 50 % marks in science stream (Physics / Mathematics/ Chemistry separately) Plus rank in the qualifying entrance exam conducted for the admission into B.Tech. / B.E. programmes are eligible to apply for Aerospace / Aeronautical Engineering courses. 
  • Duration: 4 years Full Time 
  • Students must complete his / her diploma in Aeronautical / Mechanical Engineering and are eligible to apply for Aerospace / Aeronautical Engineering courses. 
    • Duration: 3 years Full Time

Admission Process: Aeronautical Engineering

  • In order to get admission into undergraduate programmes like B.E./ B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering, students need to appear in JEE Main exam, whereas, for Post Graduate courses such as M.Tech, aspirants need to appear in the GATE exam.
  • All NITs and IITs conduct the engineering programme in Aeronautical Engineering. There are also some other colleges and universities In India that offers courses in Aeronautical engineering.
  • Besides the JEE Main exam for UG courses and GATE exam for PG courses some universities and institutes also conduct their own entrance exam to provide admission to students.

Career Opportunities for Aeronautical Engineers

  • Since Aeronautical Engineers have sound knowledge of aerospace materials, aerodynamics, flight mechanics and structure propulsion, they can easily find jobs in ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and The Ministry of Defense. After doing Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering, one can jobs with lucrative salary packages with reputed organizations such as National Aeronautical Laboratory, Civil Aviation Department, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and Defense Research and Development Laboratories (DRDO).
  • Career prospects for Aeronautical Engineers are bright and promise a great future ahead. Other than India, Aerospace Engineers can find jobs in countries such as USA, France, UK, and Germany. There is a huge demand for Aerospace Engineers in private companies such as Airbus and prestigious research centers such as NASA.

Employment Opportunities after Aeronautical Engineering

The areas of employment in Aeronautical Engineering are varied and depend upon a candidate’s specialization and aptitude. Some of the key areas of employment for Aeronautical Engineering are:

  • Space Research centers like NASA and ISRO
  • Aeronautical Development Establishments
  • Aeronautical Laboratories
  • Aircraft manufacturing companies
  • Airlines
  • Defense Research and Development Organizations
  • Defense services
  • Department of Civil Aviation
  • Flying clubs
  • Government owned air services
  • Private airlines


  • The Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Acharya Institute of Technology is affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belgaum.
  • The department of Aeronautical Engineering was established in 2011 with a sanctioned intake of 60 students. We are the best among the top Aeronautical Engineering Colleges and other professional courses at Karnataka.

Our Vision

The department aspires to be exemplary in Aeronautical Engineering for an ever-changing society.

 Our Mission

  1. To offer outcome-based education that emphasizes on experiential learning.
  2. To enable a conducive environment that promotes interdisciplinary learning and interaction with the external world.
  3. To nurture professionals through holistic education engrossed in individual growth, discipline, integrity, ethics and social sensitivity.
  4. To intensify industry-institution interface leading to competency enhancement and entrepreneurship.
  5. To enthuse about progress in technologies that are sustainable and inclusive, benefiting all sections of the society.

What makes Acharya one of the best Aeronautical Engineering colleges in Bangalore?

The programme of BE in Aeronautical Engineering(AE) of Acharya Institute of Technology(AIT) has been one of the most-sought ones for aspiring graduates every year. The strong reason for Acharya to be among the best engineering colleges lies in incorporating newer technologies into the curriculum delivery, creating freedom for both faculty and students to self-discover the opportunities to progress, interfacing with the external world engaged in promoting both research and educating in aeronautical engineering and enabling students’ aspiration to explore newer horizons in aeronautical engineering. The programme of AE in AIT. Our students are going to global universities and getting placed in most admired companies while our faculties are so respected in their fields of specializations and continue to inspire the students through their research and publication outcomes. 

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The programme has experienced faculty with specialization in domains like computational fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, aircraft structures, propulsion, thermodynamics, composites, and avionics. This is unique with Acharya and makes us a differentiator from others offering the same programme. Some of the areas of the extensive research are  Computational Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, Built Environment, Two-Phase Change Process, Icing Research, High and Low Reynolds Number Flow, Composite Fan Blade Design and Analysis, Solar Energy Collector (parabolic), Flat Unglazed Transpired Collector and LES/RANS Hybrid Model. The department has a Research Center to promote research activities in aspiring Ph.D. students and faculty members in their field of specializations. Some of the specific information about  the department are :

  • Department has well established laboratories and also undertakes consultancy works using the Aeronautical Lab facilities.
  • Faculties and students have published 45 and above papers in National & International journals and authored 3 books. 
  • Department has submitted 15 Research proposals so far to different funding agencies. 
  • Dept has received funding from KSCST, Govt. of Karnataka, Institution of Engineers (IE), Vision Group on Science and Technology (VGST), Department of Science and Technology (DST). 
  • Department has signed MOU with National Design and Research Forum (NDRF), National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), Throttle Aerospace Systems Pvt Ltd, ACRi Infotech Pvt Ltd and Avistrat Academy of Aerospace and Design.
  • Department promotes national and international internships- Students are encouraged to intern at HAL, GMR AeroTechmic, ACRi, NAL, Air India, Mahindra Aerospace, ISRO. 
  • Our students have interned in Carlton University, Canada and AE is in the process of signing MoU with international Universities for exchange and research program. 
  • Department also undertakes consultancy works using Aeronautical Lab facilities. 
  • Department contributes regularly for the upgradation of BE (Aeronautical Engg) syllabus under VTU. 
  • The Department actively organizes regular educational visits to various facilities like AFTC Bengaluru, NAL, HAL, GMR Hyderabad, ISRO center’s in Mahendragiri, Trivandrum, Air India, Mumbai. 

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Why Acharya is the best institute of allied health sciences in Bengaluru

Acharya Institutes with an annual count of 12,000+students and 100+ academic programmes certainly makes a mark among all the educational institutions in Bengaluru. When the question of top institutions in the world comes Acharya encompasses all those attributes and qualities required to answer the question. In terms of quality of education and the fruitful future prospects for the students, Acharya is the best place to study and grab the golden chance of scaling great heights.

Acharya Institute of Allied Health Sciences started and continue with the vision of bringing about the best and specialized in-depth knowledge to aspiring Heath Care professionals. The purpose behind these courses is to empower individuals with both professional and practical skills they need to follow in pursuit of their chosen career path. With a flexible model for education, these courses provide practical skills and qualifications that meet global standards.

Acharya Institute of Allied Health Sciences believes in the mission of:

  • Creating a culture of excellence
  • Ensure global standards in Allied health education
  • Create and foster a center of excellence for Allied-health professionals
  • Bridging the gap between theory and practical
  • Effective practical exposure and Dedicated teaching and non-teaching faculty.

    Spread across 120 acres of pristine land in Bengaluru India's 'technology hub' and located only a few minutes’ drive from top notch multinational companies and Indian corporate, the Acharya campus is a magnificent sight to begin with. With its student-centric design and innovative blend of modern and traditional styles of architecture, the campus is a perfect setting for the students to let their ideas fly and get closer to realizing their dreams. Here the emphasis is on experiential and collaborative learning and our students learn the ways of the world directly from each other, with the campus being home to students from no less than 75 countries.The campus is one of the most beautiful places to be around and enjoy the nature and study the course in such gorgeous premises. It is away from the usual disturbances of traffic or crowd and it definitely does give a good feeling. The building is spacious as well as pleasant to provide the calmest and serene environment for the sake education.

    The Institute of Allied Health Sciences is headed by inspiring leaders in Dean and Principal ensuring effective administration and smooth functioning in the process of delivering top-quality education and care for the students in their comprehensive development. The faculty of Allied Health Sciences Institute are highly inspired and committed to do their best in the field of imparting education to the aspiringstudents. The experience and skill-sets which the teaching and non-teaching staff here possess provides the best direction in curriculum as well as extra-curricular activities.

Faculties are dedicated and put their best efforts forward to complete the syllabi in time and also conduct internal examinations for the assessment of academic progress of the students. Faculties also address the concerns of the students in relation to their academic and well-being. Students receive individual attention and guidance in leading them in their studies. The lectures and practical sessions are delivered with best foot forward preparation backed-up with the application of IEC technologies and tools.

Online learning:
The institute has delivered highly dedicated and effective education services unhindered in the trying circumstances of the recent times. The Acharya Live platform which is designed and regularly monitored by skilled IT professionals ensures unhindered learning and the best virtual learning experience when the situation demands. Whether it is Online or Offline the teaching-learning experience at Acharya is unmatched.Wi-Fi: For Uninterrupted learningThe entire Acharya campus, including the residences is enabled with usage controlled and monitored high-speed Wi-Fi Internet connection to help the students’ access invaluable academic resources in the web-space.

The classrooms are facilitated with comfortable seating and study-friendly atmosphere equipped with high-tech LED projectors and screens.

The campus has a full-pledged library with the best of text books and study material bynational and internationally acclaimed authors.The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) – the Central Library, at the heart of the Campus, provides an ideal environment for intellectual inquiry with its multiple Study Spaces, Research Assistance, and Reading, Learning and Instructional Resources.The LRC is housed on three floors accommodating various facilities, reading and learning resources, and seating arrangements for about 500 Users at any point-of-time. Wi-Fi, Internet access, Electrical plug-in facilities, etc., are provided in all Reading areas and Study Carrels.The digital library is the best one can ever use; it is delight for a student. The state of art and modern technology which are implemented makes studies at the library the best experience for a student.Laboratory & Practical’s:Institute has laboratory for practical training and demonstrations in the areas ofMicrobiology, Bio-chemistry, Pathology and Allied health courses.Students receive exposure to the practical lessons of their respective courses with the help of best of hospitals in the city.

Institute also believes in encouraging the students in participating in the cultural and sports-activities. Students can always showcase their talents and develop their personality overall for a successful present as well as for a bright future. The academic, residential, extra-curricular and landscaped zones of the campus areintegrated with one another in an innovative manner. And adding to the campus life are the sports facilities that include a 10,000+ seating stadium enabling track fieldevents,football, cricket, cultural events and mega music shows, along with an amphi theatre and other facilities for indoor games.The unparallel sport facilities with associated infrastructure and coaches have made Acharya one of the top institutions in the area of sports in and around Bengaluru. Thesporting culture of Acharya helps develop teamwork, leadership, focus and determinationwithin our students.All this and more await you here and we are delighted to welcome you to an exciting learning experience at Acharya – where the world comes to learn.