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Make Passion your Fashion!

He asked me, “Why do you want to be a teacher?”. I told him it is my “Passion”. He mocked me saying, “Nowadays it has become a fashion to call a career choice as passion and I hope you haven’t mistaken the two words”. Though it was a friendly conversation, the statement was something to be pondered about. Are we really pursuing careers in the truest sense of passion? Passion is a strong desire while Fashion is setting a trend. Eureka! By the very understanding of the two words and their in-depth meanings I certainly believe now that following your passion is a fashion! Not everyone can follow their passions, not everyone can be trendsetters. If you can do both, then you can call yourself a success and spread your stories of success to the world. So, the path to setting a trend by pursuing your passion begins with learning. A learning worth the struggle. A learning worth sharing as a success story. A learning setting trends. A learning for the sense of contentment that you have pursued your passion and made a difference in the world. Such learning drives the very concept of quality in all spheres of life.  Quality is certainly a by-product of effective learning. As students, one has to learn not to merely write exams, but to ensure that they lead a quality life. Learning is inherent in every action of a student. One should have passion for learning. While scoring high marks is great, one still needs to be grounded. Likewise, scoring less marks is not the end of the world either. In either situation, what is important is to check and recheck whether you have been able to learn and make use of the learnings in improving your quality of life – be it for oneself or for others.   The very essence of Quality of Education is served when a student, irrespective of his score in an examination, is able to positively contribute to the general well-being of the earth as a whole without compromising on the inherent passion. Describe your passion in terms of career. Such a passion driven b y learning will certainly set a trend in the society to become a fashion to be followed by generations to come. Passion and career can go hand-in-hand. Therefore, make passion a fashion!

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