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Career Opportunities After 12th

Are you worried and wondering about what to do after 12th? When you are faced with a sea of numerous paths in front of you to take right after your 12th, it is normal to be overwhelmed and confused. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Let us help you take into account the various options available to you after finishing your 12th or PUC 2, in this comprehensive guide.

1) Bachelor of Engineering (BE): One of the most common career paths or degrees pursued after 12th or PUC 2 that still holds its prominence is engineering. The duration of the Bachelor in Engineering degree is 4 years. It has numerous specializations to meet the needs of different technical & scientific backgrounds.

The branches available in Engineering are,

  • Aeronautical Engineering-The design, development, testing, and maintenance of aeroplanes and spacecraft are the focus of aeronautical engineering. It covers the study of structures, propulsion systems, control systems, aerodynamics, and materials science. The creation of reliable, safe, and efficient aircraft is the responsibility of aeronautical engineers. From modest single-engine aircraft to huge commercial jets and military aircraft, they work on a variety of projects. They also design and develop spacecraft, such as rockets, satellites, and space probes.
  • Automobile Engineering– The design, development, production, and maintenance of automobiles fall under  automobile engineering. It involves putting different engineering principles—like mechanical, electrical, electronic, and safety engineering—to practice. The creation of new vehicle models, enhancements of current models, maintenance of safety standards, and reduction of adverse environmental impact are all included in the field of automobile engineering.
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning– Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are related fields of computer science. They deal with the development of intelligent computer systems. AI performs tasks that usually require human intelligence and ML involves development of algorithms that learn from data.
  • Biotechnology– This branch of engineering deals with the combined branches of biological sciences and engineering principles to create new processes and products in areas  of bioinformatics, genetic engineering, etc.
  • Computer Science & Engineering– This engineering is a study in computer hardware, software, and programming languages that provide solutions to a wide range of fields.
  • Computer Science Engineering (Data Science)– To design and create large-scale data-driven applications, computer science engineering in data science combines data science, software engineering, and systems engineering. In a data-driven world with data-driven businesses, it has huge scope.
  • Civil Engineering– Civil engineering is the ever- classic field of engineering that still holds its place in today’s world. Civil engineering deals with construction, design, application of mathematical, scientific principles to address the demands of infrastructure from small-scale to large-scale levels.
  • Other exciting branches of engineering that are in-demand include- Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Information Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Mechatronics Engineering.

Engineering in these fields has promising careers and is still often regarded as some of the best career options after 12th.

Acharya offers holistic BE degrees in the above departments. Visit to learn more about Engineering at Acharya or to apply now.

2) Bachelor of Science (BSc): Career options after 12th Science are not limited to Engineering and Medical degrees. To meet the varying demands of the current world, a Bachelor’s degree in Science is a viable option for students after 12th Science. The duration of BSc degrees is 3-4 years.

The interdisciplinary degrees available within BSc help students establish various exciting careers after 12th in the field of science and technology. Acharya offers BSc in dynamic and interesting areas like Computer Science, Emergency Medicine & Trauma Care, Nursing, Optometry, Hospital Administration, Imaging Technology, Fashion & Apparel Design along with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. You can find the full list of programmes available here.

3) Bachelor of Arts (BA): Explore your creative side as you study the art courses in-depth to take in-demand career paths in arts and humanities. The duration of a BA degree is 3 years. One can pursue BA after completing 12th in arts, commerce, or science.

Acharya offers triple majors in Journalism, English, Psychology, and Criminology, Psychology, English combinations for a Bachelor of Arts. The specializations can be a start to various lucrative careers in humanities and corporate or media fields. One can also pursue academics and research through these degrees.

4) Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA): If you feel like your creativity and passion lie in making and designing art, then B.V.A. might be the right path for you. Bachelor of Visual Arts is one of the best careers after 12th for design-oriented students. It has Foundation in Visual Arts, Art History, Drawing, Clay Modeling, Architecture, Calligraphy, etc., as part of the course material. The exciting branches in BVA include Animation & Game Art, Interior & Spatial Design, Graphic and Communication Design, and Product Design.

BVA helps students learn and provide their artistic skills to become professional designers and contribute to the corporate and design worlds. Thus making BVA one of the best options after 12th for students. To join Acharya’s design programmes check out the course details at

5) Bachelor of Commerce (BCom): If your interest lies in economics, numbers, accounting, finance, and other such sides of businesses then a degree in BCom may suit you after 12th Commerce. The duration for BCom is 3 years. After BCom, one can directly join the workforce, pursue further studies like MCom, or MBA, or pursue entrepreneurial dreams.

BCom can be done in specialised fields like Business Analytics, or Bachelor of Commerce CMA (Certified Management Accountants). For full details on the course content visit

6) Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA): Education and training in Computer Applications are available to meet the growing demands for IT workers. Bachelor of Computer Applications is open to students after 12th in arts, commerce, or science streams. The duration of BCA is 3 years. It trains students in information technology and computer science. It includes programming languages, and database management systems as part of the course. BCA can be done in Cloud Computing, or Data Science/AI. One can also become an established Software Engineer if Masters of Computer Application (MCA) is completed. Thus BCA course is a good option for students after completion of 12th or after PUC.

7) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): For students interested in getting involved with business administration, BBA lays a proper foundation. It helps students to understand the various aspects of business administration, financial management, and get educated in current industry-related domains like digital marketing, business analytics, corporate communication, etc. BBA degree has B. B. A – Business Analytics, B. B. A – Digital Marketing, and B.B.A – Aviation, as different specializations.

The above degrees or courses after 12th have their own strengths to provide lucrative careers. However, be sure to align your interests with the current demands of the industries and workforce. This way you can let your passion meet your studies, job and career. We hope you emerge with flying colours in whichever field you choose.

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